Here's a testimonial from a male client who needed image consulting, and a full wardrobe makeover for his reentry into his international job in Dubai and Singapore. Here's what he said about working with me: 

"I knew that I needed help but I didn’t know how to get there. I am an international business traveler and wanted to take my wardrobe to the next level. I found Jennie by luck and she was organized, efficient, understood my requirements, and delivered a completely new wardrobe ahead of time and under my budget.  Do I need to say more? At the risk of over stating it, it has had significant impact in my day to day confidence and my outcomes.  One of the wisest investments of my life and I look forward to her continued advice. Thanks Jennie. "

- T.R.


I've used Jennie's services for two years now.  She has styled me for my high school reunion, two public speaking events, a Western-themed party, and done an overall "Sort, Shop, Style" for me.   As a mother of three young children, a working professional, and someone who didn't know much about style before meeting Jennie, her services have been irreplaceable for me.  

Jennie is knowledgeable about her craft in ways that are extremely impressive.  I often have very little time to shop, and when I've showed up to our meetings, she has a precise rack of clothing for me to try on to meet my need.  Without fail, she nails it.  Yesterday, for example, the outfit I needed and purchased, was the first thing she had me try on.  She knows my body style, my colors, and my preferences, and she knows how to suggest things that I'm not thinking of, but that take my look to another level.

The proof in the pudding: At two different events I've gone to, three people I don't know randomly commented to me that I was the "best dressed person there."

Unbelievable.  And, so, so worth it.

-Joanna L. : instructional specialist


"First off I want to thank Jennie for being simply amazing! I don't believe I have ever had so much fun shopping! I am young woman in my mid-late twenties, who is more than comfortable in jeans and tees. Upon setting up our first "official meet" Jennie came over for a complete home invasion. I say home invasion because she drove from SB to SLO to attack my closet. We went through, got rid of old worn out clothes, and were able to make new cute outfits with my existing things. 

The next day we hit the shops! She created a list of items I needed in my closet to fulfill the looks she and I felt would best fit my figure and lifestyle (I'm not a stick figure)! Upon meeting with Jennie she had a stack of clothes ready for me to try on! No joke, it's amazing how many different things she can find you!!!! We tried everything on and narrowed our selection to the most important things! 

At the end of the day she gives you a list of things that you can tackle on your own, places to shop online, stores, and what brands work best for your body.

Since the first time I met Jennie, I have had a couple more shopping experiences with her and I love every minute of it! She is Budget friendly, an amazing stylist, and generally a good person. My confidence has skyrocketed and I constantly get compliments on the way I dress. Jennie knows my taste and my body so well that I am confident in letting her work her magic on me! I have tried new things and I LOVE it! I cannot wait to see what else she can find me!"

-Janelle Langerman: 


Working with Jennie was a ton of fun, hugely productive, and in the end a great money-saver. Several hours of her “working my closet” was the best gift my daughter ever gave me.
Prior to our meeting, as requested, I pulled most of my clothes from my closet and hung them on rolling racks (mine and borrowed) and pulled everything else from drawers. The preparation took a while, but was worth all the organizing. As was starting a (private) Pinterest board, as she’d asked, for her to gain a quick understanding of my style and what I liked.
Besides being great fun to work with, Jennie’s great talent is that she very quickly sizes up what you like, what you want, and what you need. And, just as quickly. what you don’t like, don’t want and don’t need. When she scanned my rolling racks she immediately put her hands on my favorite pieces that weren’t getting worn because I didn’t know what to put them with. In seconds she’d paired them with pieces I already owned in ways that I had never imagined, which allowed me to immediately make them part of my go-to wardrobe. I instantly felt that I had three times as many clothes! She then took photos of me in each of the outfits so that I had a record of what really worked, so I couldn’t forget.
She also advised me on pieces I’d been debating keeping, and gave me a shopping list of what I needed to fill in the gaps in my wardrobe that would give me many more outfit choices without a big investment.
Jennie also made it possible for me to part with things I’d been hanging onto but not wearing. Not because she simply told me to let things go; rather she helped me understand why it was that something wasn’t working for me. When her expert opinion validated what my gut instinct was feeling, it suddenly became possible for me to part with pieces, even ones I’d invested some serious $ in.
Likewise, she made me realize why I liked certain pieces—usually because of their flattering silhouette—and what shape I should be looking that suited me best.
Having Jennie 'work your closet' is something I’ve been recommending to all my friends.

- Laurie Deans: Writer / Editor / Musician


What an awesome experience! I am thrilled with what I have learned from Jennie. She is thoughtful, organized, and has an amazing way of working on my likes and style. She improved my view and understanding of what works and what doesn't. I feel confident, well put together and comfortable in my clothes. Her background in psychology shows... this was a truly positive experience. Thank you!

- Carola Matera : Teacher


Jennie Stierwalt is amazing at what she does. She is ahead of all the latest style treads. She knows exactly what looks good on your body type. The cut, style, color, print, length and all!
She has really helped me figure out what style looks best on me! Now I know how to shop for myself and actually feel great in the clothes I buy, I love it!
I feel better then ever. Jennie also looks amazing every time I see her! She is born to help women find their personal style and beauty. I will continue to use Jennie’s services for each new season and any special occasions I have. I couldn’t think of anyone better!

- Wife / Mother of Three / Event Coordinator 

As a Valentine’s Day present, my boyfriend purchased me Jennie’s “Sort-Shop-Style” package. I’m 27 years old, and I haven’t made any sort of effort with my clothes for a long time. I get frustrated and overwhelmed when I go shopping, so my bf thought a personal stylist might be just the ticket. And Jennie certainly was!
First off, she drives to you, which is super convenient. We went through my minimal closet and decided what should be on my shopping list. The next appointment, we went shopping, and the last appointment, she created dozens of different outfits I could wear with confidence.
We had a great time together. She’s a fun person to be around, and she really knows her stuff. She is also a shopping machine, which made the whole experience a lot easier for me. (Normally, I just wander around stores in circles.) She even showed me how to do my hair and makeup. She’s open to listening to what YOU want out of your appointments, which is awesome.
I was also really surprised that she was able to work within my limited budget. I thought personal stylists were only for the rich and famous, but I spent a few hundred dollars and got a completely new wardrobe. We went everywhere from trendy boutiques to Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, Macys, and Goodwill. Don’t worry: you won’t have to buy designer clothes!
Jennie taught me what looks good on me, and best of all, she gave me the confidence to dress with more style. If you feel overwhelmed by the thought of updating your look or putting together an outfit, give her a call. Some time spent with Jennie will result in a whole new you!

- Susan Shain Travel Blogger / Coach + Digital Marketer